Member Policies

Member Policies

Feel free to contact us regarding membership policies. If the issue has to do with membership termination, please contact your local club.

1. Hours

a. Hours and days of usage shall be subject to reasonable changes at the sole discretion of Fitness Connection. Hours and amenities vary by location. Please view the specific location of your interest on this website to see gym, kids' club and class hours and schedules
b. In order to insure that Fitness Connection facilities are properly maintained Fitness Connection reserves the right to temporarily close for not more than one week at any time during the year. Fitness Connection may be closed on legal holidays and for certain promotions.

2. Age limits

a. Ages 18 and older – can sign a contract and workout by themselves.
b. Ages 16 – 17 – parent must sign contract and they can work out by themselves
c. Ages 12 – 15 – parent must sign contract and they have to work out and be with a parent or a trainer at all times
d. Ages 11 and below – not able to work out unless with a special class.
e. Children of 5 years or greater cannot go in the opposite gender locker room, but may use the family locker rooms where available

3. Guest Policy

a. A member may bring a guest to Fitness Connection every day for a workout with a prearranged pass. The same guest may only use the facility once in a 4 month period and only 3 times per year. The guest must be a local resident, at least 18 years of age and must provide a valid driver's license from the state in which the gym is located.
b. All guests must sign a waiver before working out
Texas: Guests are allowed in the club from 8:00AM – 10:00PM. Guest may not use the basketball or Racquetball courts.
c. Fees
i. Nevada and North Carolina $15.00
ii. Texas $25.00

4. Membership Check In:

a. Membership cards: Fitness Connection reserves the right to insure new membership cards to replace member's existing membership card and requires a member to present new membership card for admittance to Fitness Connection. Fitness Connection has the right to require a second form of identification with current picture such as a driver's license, if they deem it necessary. Members agree that the use of their membership card by anyone other than the person named hereon is prohibited and the card will be confiscated. Member also agrees that if he or she allows anyone else to use their membership card, he/she will pay $100.00 to get the confiscated card back.
b. Pictures: we require that we take a picture of you to help make the checkin process quicker, easier and helps us protect our members

5. Late fees are assessed for any pasted due invoices. it is your responsibility to provide Fitness Connection with current billing information at least 2 weeks prior to your billing date

6. Cancellation and Freezes

a. Account must be paid up to date
b. Notice needs to be received 30 days prior to the member's next billing date
c. See your contract for specific details
d. Nevada / North Carolina
i. Notices delivered by certified mail or hand delivered (receipt given at the front desk) Must be outside of their obligation unless this is for a medical, military or moving issue. In these cases, proof is required.
e. Texas
i. Notice must be sent by certified to mail to

Fitness Connection
PO Box 680768
Houston, TX 77268-0768

7. Valuables

a. Fitness Connection is not responsible for lost or damaged articles. This includes the parking facilities (if any) whether provided by Fitness Connection or others.
b. Please secure your valuables in a locker and do not leave them visible inside your car
c. Lockers are provided on a per visit basis; locks that are not removed will be opened by Fitness Connection Management and the items left will be donated to a charity of Fitness Connection's choosing and/or discarded.

8. Workout behavior and etiquette

a. No dropping weights
b. No excessive noise when lifting
c. Be courteous to other members, share the equipment and re-rack the equipment you use
d. Use a spotter
e. Chalk is not permitted
f. Wipe down equipment after use
g. Must be fully clothed, including athletic footwear. No opened toed shoes
h. Appropriate behavior and language is expected (no profanity)
i. No gym/workout bags, purses, motorcycle helmets etc. on the workout floor
j. Bring any personal workout equipment into the facility
k. No personal training is allowed/authorized inside facilities unless administered by Fitness Connection (in North Carolina and Nevada) or UBF staff (in Texas).
l. Must adhere to the manufacturer's warnings and instructions for any equipment you use
m. No cell phone use on the workout floor, cardio area, locker rooms or group exercise studios

9. Basketball Court

a. No bullying, physical contact, pushing or fighting at any time is tolerated.
b. All games must be played half court
c. Any violations of the above rules will result in your membership being revoked.
d. At Fitness Connection Management's discretion, we reserve the right to close the basketball court in order to maintain order and safety.
e. We also reserve the right to close the basketball court for a special prearranged class or session

10. Cardio Cinema (Theater)

a. Usage of cell phones is prohibited.
b. Please be courteous to other members by keeping conversations to a minimum.

11. Kids' Club

a. Member must be the parent or legal guardian to have child(ren) in the facility (proof of guardianship will be required)
b. Members must provide their membership card and a valid State issued photo ID to sign child(ren) in/out of Kid's Club, each visit.
c. Parents/legal guardians must stay in the facility while a child is signed into the Kid's Club.
d. The same parent/legal guardian that signs in a child must be the one to sign them out.
e. All children signed into the facility must be a minimum of 3 months of age and a maximum of 12 years old.
f. No personal toys are to be brought into the Kids Club
g. Children may not be in the room without a Kid's Club attendant, and only during Kid's Club Operating Hours.
h. No Food/Drink allowed in Kid's Club other than baby bottles.
i. Fitness Connection employees will page the parent to change diapers and assist children not "potty trained" in the rest room.
j. No sick children will be allowed in the Kid's club
k. Staff will not administer any medications to any children
l. Two hour time limit
m. * No bullying, physical contact, pushing, or fighting at any time is tolerated.
n. * Use of profanity is not tolerated.
o. Rules marked by asterisk (*) will result in Kid's Club privileges being revoked.

12. Tanning

a. Member must receive instruction from the staff as to where the manual switching devise to terminate radiation is located
b. Member, if eighteen (18) years of age or younger,has presented to a Fitness Connection representative a written prescription from a medical physician specifying the need for tanning, the number of visits, and the exposure time per visit;
c. Member agrees to use protective eyewear throughout each tanning session; Failure to use the protective eyewear as specified herein may result in severe burns or long-term injury to the eyes
d. Medications or cosmetics may increase sensitivity to the ultraviolet radiation
e. Member should avoid overexposure to tanning beds; that overexposure can cause eye and skin injury and allergic reactions and that repeated exposure may cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer
f. Member should consult a physician before using sunlamp or tanning equipment if Member is using medications or has a history of skin problems or believe to be especially sensitive to sunlight.

13. Sauna

a. Please do not pour any liquid on the rocks in the saunas
b. User is required to a bathing suit or wrapped in a towel

14. The circulating or posting of a petition, notice, circular or statement of any kind is prohibited in or near Fitness Connection's facilities, unless such a document is first submitted and approved by the management of Fitness Connection.

15. All retail sales (concessions, clothes, accessories) final

16. No smoking or drugs permitted

17. No bicycles permitted inside of lobby or building

18. Annual Fees – these are billed according to the below:

a. Nevada – February
b. North Carolina – November
c. Texas - July

19. Violation of these rules can lead to termination of your membership privileges

20. Inclement Weather Policy

a. NC

  • I. County schools close
    • 1. KC closed until 2pm – check with the club for evening openings/closings
    • 2. GX closed until 12 noon - check with the club for evening openings/closings
  • II. County schools 2hr delay – check with the club for any class or service closings


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